from our regular SLab programs available in Fashion, Film, & Photography


When we opened our doors in late 2016, we started with what we knew best—teaching sewing and fashion design to adults and kids—as a way to extend our hand to Beijing’s art community and get our grander vision up and moving. We have now expanded our space to actualize our original concept of providing a wide slab for our students to uncover new interests and skills that may help them satisfy their creative endeavors. Since our opening, we have extended our services to a broader artistic and professional community, from providing metalsmithing courses to hosting natural beauty workshops and holiday markets. But before further explaining the many uses of The SLab, let us tell you how we got our name. 

slab /slæb
: a broad flat thick piece of wood, stone, or other material

No matter the class, no matter the topic, the space in which we work on is important. Be it drawing, crafting, electronics, or cooking, you'll always need a clean SLab to work on. The SLab is an idea that connects an array of crafts together on one surface.