The SLab is a space to learn, experiment, and discover an array of mixed-media skills, through our foundational 101 courses, workshops, and events. We provide in-house and rover workshops to individuals, companies, and/or private groups in Beijing. Whether you are a novice or a master, a craftsman or an entrepreneur, The SLab has something in store for you.



When The SLab opened its doors in late 2016, we shared our love of fashion with adults and kids by starting with what we knew best, The SLab’s most popular [ SEWING 101 ] class. Since then, we’ve broadened our COURSES to include other artisanal skill sets including photography and jewelry making amongst others. Besides in-house WORKSHOPS and summer camp programs, we also provide workshops hosted by other businesses enterprises named our ROVER label.

As our events blossomed, so did the collective of budding and seasoned artisans in the diverse community of expats & locals living in Beijing. It is no longer merely a studio, but a collective where we come together to enrich our artisanal interests.


A cozy studio rooted at the edge of Beijing’s Hutongs, The SLab is nestled in a nostalgic office building with remnants of past decades lulling through its walls. Much like the rest of old-Beijing, making your way through the alleys and halls will bring you along a peaceful maze, only to discover a hidden treasure overlooking the unique architecture of the old and new of this remarkable city.

Inside our studio is stationed with all the essential tools, equipment and machines used for sewing and pattern-making, including a wide variety of locally sourced fabrics to experiment with. We are also prepared with the essential BlueAir purifier, water dispenser, heating, and air-conditioning, ready for all air and weather quality.

A fully equipped jewelry bench stationed at the corner of The SLab is available for sawing, soldering, and creating simple pieces of accessories for those looking to work with metalsmithing.

When you are ready for a break from all the hard work, give your head a rest by kicking back and relaxing on our outdoor lounge seating in a tranquil nook of our private balcony.

Co-working & RENTALS

The space is available for co-working with flexible rates available on request, just send us an email via our CONTACT page. Fees are arranged case by case depending on frequency, and how much of the studio would be in use, so let us know what equipment you would be using, what times & how often you will need to come in and the duration in which you will be using The SLab.

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pinking shears, rotary cutters, French curves… We can’t claim we’ve got it all, but we’ve definitely got everything you’ll need to get started.

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OUR programs


The SLab offers COURSES in-house at our studio with schedules posted monthly. These are our essential programs that have been curated with care over several years, to offer the best foundation for beginners. Developing a solid understanding of these skills take time, therefore the duration of each course requires over ten hours of commitment available in two to four session modules.



For shorter engagements, we host IN-HOUSE WORKSHOPS that focus on creating bite-sized projects, and for select workshops, we are able to organize them for individuals and establishments at their location of choice through our ROVER label. Ready-made workshops are available on demand for those looking to jazz-up a team-building event, or to entertain a private party.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, but anticipate that we may be able to help, CONTACT US with your enquiries and we’ll work something out!